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First Person Project Mental Health Action

Coaching, Action Learning and Critical Thinking

Workshop Format: Text


Understanding Mental Health and

Reflecting on Personal Context

  • Develop participants’ understanding of mental health.

  • Explore participants’ context and identify factors contributing to mental health – focus on individual and community factors.

  • Measure participants’ mental wellbeing.

  • Focus on participant’s strengths.


Developing Strategies and Solutions for Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Review factors contributing to mental health.

  • Collaboratively explore how external factors can be managed to improve mental health and wellbeing.

  • Jointly develop solutions that participants can practically apply, that work for them, to improve mental health and wellbeing.

  • Consider with the participants larger, community wide systems and initiatives that could be implemented to improve mental health and wellbeing.


Developing Action Plans for Practical Implementation of Solutions

  • Discuss the relational, contextual factors and solutions that participants have identified to improve mental health and wellbeing for themselves and others

  • Work with participants to develop action plans that will allow them to implement the mental health and wellbeing solutions they have developed for themselves.

  • Support participants with the development of SMART objectives that they have ownership of and which they commit to implementing within agreed timeframes. Ownership of actions promotes empowerment.


Review and Follow-Up Support

  • Review progress made on action plans.

  • Review progress on SMART objectives.

  • Offer support to develop solutions to progress action plans if difficulties have been encountered.

  • Provide guidance and support for any fundraising activities that may be need to fund larger initiatives.

  • Measure participants well-being using – quantify level of improvement in mental health and well-being.

  • Measure societal impact using using pre-determined metrics outlined by an in-house social impact matrix. 

  • Onward referral to organisations who can offer further support if needed.

Workshop Format: What We Do

Workshop Output

​The main output of each workshop is an action plan, which FPP will help participants from different communities implement through the development of SMART objectives.

This ensures that the impact and the output of the workshops delivered is long lasting.

The output for each stage can be adapted to incorporate additional objectives that help individuals achieve personal objectives.

Workshop Format: What We Do
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