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Joe Kettleborough - Project Coordinator

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Joe is a dedicated member of the First Person Project (FPP) team, whose journey began as a university student seeking hands-on experience in mental health advocacy. Currently pursuing a BSc in Critical Approaches to Counselling and Psychotherapy, Joe's passion for understanding human psychology was sparked during his earlier studies in psychology at A-Level.

With a year and a half of experience as a Care Assistant, Joe has demonstrated his compassion and versatility in supporting individuals with diverse needs, including those with challenging behaviours, Alzheimer's, dementia, and end-of-life care requirements.

Joe's part-time role at FPP is dynamic and impactful, collaborating with partners such as the YMCA and Chris Stafford from Manifestive to provide essential mental health support to residents in substance misuse centres. He also actively participates in FPP's initiatives with Citizens UK and various group sessions.

Introduced to FPP through a university placement, Joe resonated deeply with the organization's ethos and found a supportive community that aligned with his personal growth journey. A transformative moment in Joe's life came in 2019, prompting him to confront his struggles with mental health and commit to personal growth and destigmatizing men's mental health issues.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Joe is a passionate learner with a curiosity about the world and people's experiences, demonstrated through his volunteer work and personal development courses. He is particularly fascinated by cars, relishing in understanding how they work, their aesthetics, and the mechanical aspects. Joe enjoys working on his own car and aspires to one day have a project car to tinker with.

Joe's genuine kindness, empathetic nature, and commitment to making a positive impact underscore his contributions to the FPP team. Embraced by a supportive environment, Joe finds solace in FPP's progressive approach to mental health advocacy, proud to be a part of a movement dedicated to fostering societal change and well-being

Joe: About Us
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