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The story of First Person Project CIC is one which celebrates triumph over adversity, opportunity over threat, strength over weakness, togetherness over separation, life over death. 

Matty Caine founded First Person Project CIC in 2019 after several unsuccessful attempts to take his own life. Matty was diagnosed with psychotic depression following the death of his Mum, Ann McEvoy, in the Summer of 2018. First Person Project CIC is a lasting tribute to the memory of Ann, as well as a dedication to the amazing power of people from within our local neighbourhoods. 

Matty is an experienced professional and leader in the field of mental health, he understands this landscape, however he experienced great difficulty accessing the appropriate support in his hour of need – he nearly died because of this. Matty vowed to improve access to mental health support to prevent suicides and to enable our communities to flourish.


First Person Project (FPP) is a pioneering not-for-profit social enterprise specialising in providing socially progressive mental health services; operating predominantly across the Liverpool City Region (LCR). Our service model is designed to be socially-focused and citizen-driven; placing people at the heart of all things “mental health” in their communities. We collaborate at every turn in order to rip down the barriers which prevent easy access to experienced support. 

We aim to make mental health education and support more accessible to local neighbourhoods by re-centralising citizens and de-centralising professional services which occupy much of their civic space. We champion proactive and prevention-focused social action, drawing upon a variety of approaches to achieve this, collaboratively building community networks and positively impacting many areas.

We support the empowerment of people to understand and manage their own health and wellbeing by focusing on things which makes them mentally healthy. This is achieved by equipping people with the tools and confidence to make positive changes for themselves and their communities.

We believe that when people are seen and heard for their passions, values, and potential then mental wellness can be achieved. We create a safe, supportive space for people to explore these gifts and connect with each other through their experiences with mental health. We promote the idea that when communities are connected, together and more cohesive, then they are stronger.

Our service model is fully inclusive, socially focused and citizen driven. We run multiple initiatives to support the wellbeing of local citizens; all of them are people-led.

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