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Alice O'Toole - Project Coordinator


Alice is a Project Coordinator at First Person Project, working towards empowering people to improve their own and their communities' mental health through building connections with an emphasis on creativity.

With a BAHons in Creative Writing, Alice is a MSc Public Health student with an interest in addressing the barriers between chronic pain, disability, and women's mental health, due to her own struggle with depression due to chronic pain and illness.

Alice is an avid creative and enjoys drawing, painting, writing, and crochet, and believes in art's positive effects on mental health and its ability to bring people together to fight loneliness, aiding in the everyday efforts of First Person Project's work.

First Person Project has enabled Alice to become more involved and connected with the community around her, providing her with a new perspective on what public health truly means in modern communities and in modern Liverpool.

Alice: About Us
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