Locked up to then be set free, lost my mind my identity;

An ET, one amongst society;

In the world but not part of it, backpack on, where’s my rocket cos where have I gone?

I don’t know, I don’t know, me no more.

Someone unlock this door, before I let loose, I’ve laid an egg as big as a goose.

‘Cos it’s scary here - in my head, in my bed; I’m scared.

And the voices their talking to can’t be heard by me or anyone else- the one next to me has planted a hex.

And I’m scared,

‘Cos my voice can’t be heard.

But I can hear theirs and I need protection, from myself and them….but who am I?

I don’t know no more, there’s a towel over the door.

Let me out or lock me in but don’t leave me alone standin’ here with slobber on my chin, eyes wide heart poundin’.

She’s on the ground an I’m scared.

But I can’t go anywhere ‘cos I’m already locked here - I miss home, look at me haven a moan – where’s my freedom…my queendom?

Can’t speak, can’t eat, an’ their watchin’ closely, mighty frightenin’ and I’m cryin’ an no one’s explaining and I don’t know what to think - no pretending!

Stuck still, standing still, standing up, standing out, on tables, on chairs...

Please don’t let me down I say with a frown.

A jab in the arse, eight of them stood behind glass.

No heart, no soul, no position to give my permission.

Stuck in a box, stuck in a hole;

Watchin’ the moon, I’ll be home soon……or will I?

I cry cos...well, I don’t know why?!

Double strength, triple weakness, can’t breath in this

Room. This paper room. No eases, my body squeezes.

I want to go home but where’s that gone? What have I done?

I don’t know, I don’t know no more someone tell me more…….I don’t know!

Out of whack! Gone “coo coo”, who am I?

Hopes to dust, somethin’ don’t add up?

Taken away to be set free? How do I feel this empty?

I’ve lost my sway, can’t even walk anyway. Like a puppet on a string.

Where’s my voice, I want to sing, but I can’t even speak, these tabs are making me weak!

I’ve lost my spirit, where’s that gone? This medication has put a cap on.

An I’m still scared...but who am I anyway?

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