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The Resilient Minds Programme is centred around mental health and comprises of eight modules.

It runs for 8 weeks, once per week and can be delivered online or face to face.

Individuals can attend all eight sessions, receiving a certificate upon completion, or pick and choose which sessions they feel would benefit them. 

FPP have designed the course in such a way that participants will develop a positive, yet critical approach to understanding the mental health of themselves and those around them.

There are also two skill-building sessions focussed on developing coping strategies and techniques to promote positive mental health.

The modules include:

  • Fundamentally Healthy - Developing the Foundations for Wellbeing

  • Your Only Limit is Your Mind - Taking Control of Your Stress Levels

  • Skill Building Session One - Self-Soothing and Grounding Techniques

  • Transforming Fear into Strength - Managing Your Own Anxiety

  • Be Your Own Superhero - Improving Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Skill Building Session Two - Problem-Solving and CBT-Based Techniques

  • Creating Your Own Sunshine - Introducing Positivity Into Your Life

  • Future Aspirations - Goal Setting Success

Course currently OPEN - Contact us to sign up

Click on the brochure below to find out more
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Funded Mental Health Course: News
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