Leaving my labels of mental illness and finding authentic me

Bipolar, anorexic, trauma victim, suicidal patient, self-harmer. For so many years these were the labels I covered myself in through the 10 years’ worth of treatment I have received. It seemed that each new treatment I went into I gained another label. I knew the struggles I was facing, and I knew that something was not quite right however, it also seemed that in order to get recognition of that and to actually be acknowledged by someone who could help me, I needed a label. T


Locked up to then be set free, lost my mind my identity; An ET, one amongst society; In the world but not part of it, backpack on, where’s my rocket cos where have I gone? I don’t know, I don’t know, me no more. Someone unlock this door, before I let loose, I’ve laid an egg as big as a goose. ‘Cos it’s scary here - in my head, in my bed; I’m scared. And the voices their talking to can’t be heard by me or anyone else- the one next to me has planted a hex. And I’m scared, ‘Cos

Never broken

Hi my names Jason, I am now 50 years of age even though I do look 20 :) I am just a regular lad from Liverpool, here is my story.

Mental Health: Love is All Around

“I’m treating you for severe depression”….words I never thought would be said to me in a million years. My names Danny Martin and to a lot of people I’m known as Sinbad. A happy go lucky, first on karaoke, loudest person in the room type of person. So to find myself sat in a GP surgery being told that I’ve scored in all but one of the sections for depression was life-changing. "Change is not merely necessary to life - it is life." -Alvin Toffler I had never suffered with my m

The other side of the door: I cover the miles, so that you can share your smiles :)

My name is Darren Caine, a delivery driver by trade and a fortunate son of Liverpool 6 – but more than that, I’m a musician, an actor, a family man and a dab hand with a tyre change. “Where to, mate?” For the past eight years I’ve worked as a delivery driver and, for five years prior to that, I worked as Liverpool City cabbie. During this time I’ve been involved with the public and engaging in one to one conversation has been a daily occurrence. During my time on the cabs, I’

Mental health and staying positive during lock-down: My ways to well-being :)

Hi! It’s Katie writing this – I’m a final year Business Management student with Liverpool Hope University. I’ve been doing some research into how amazing the First Person Project is, their aims and objectives, various community related work, and how crucial they will be in playing a part for pushing positive mental health change in the coming years. I’ve had the good fortune to meet (virtually, of course!) with both Matty and Johnathan, and I truly admire their passion, enthu

Improving mental health as a positive mediator of socially progressive change

Hello all! Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Matty Caine and I am Founder/CEO of First Person Project C.I.C., a non-profit social enterprise specialising in providing socially progressive mental health workshops and operating across the Liverpool City Region. I run this organisation alongside my good friend, Johnathan Ormond-Prout, who is our Executive Director and an invaluable source of wisdom, determination and direction. Who are we? I’m a very proud Mental H