Mental Health: Love is All Around

“I’m treating you for severe depression”….words I never thought would be said to me in a million years. My names Danny Martin and to a lot of people I’m known as Sinbad. A happy go lucky, first on karaoke, loudest person in the room type of person. So to find myself sat in a GP surgery being told that I’ve scored in all but one of the sections for depression was life-changing. "Change is not merely necessary to life - it is life." -Alvin Toffler I had never suffered with my m

The other side of the door: I cover the miles, so that you can share your smiles :)

My name is Darren Caine, a delivery driver by trade and a fortunate son of Liverpool 6 – but more than that, I’m a musician, an actor, a family man and a dab hand with a tyre change. “Where to, mate?” For the past eight years I’ve worked as a delivery driver and, for five years prior to that, I worked as Liverpool City cabbie. During this time I’ve been involved with the public and engaging in one to one conversation has been a daily occurrence. During my time on the cabs, I’

Improving mental health as a positive mediator of socially progressive change

Hello all! Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Matty Caine and I am Founder/CEO of First Person Project C.I.C., a non-profit social enterprise specialising in providing socially progressive mental health workshops and operating across the Liverpool City Region. I run this organisation alongside my good friend, Johnathan Ormond-Prout, who is our Executive Director and an invaluable source of wisdom, determination and direction. Who are we? I’m a very proud Mental H