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Katie Moore

Born and raised in Norfolk, Katie moved to Liverpool for university and loves the city – especially the community feel here. She is currently in her final year of studying for a BA Business Management degree with Liverpool Hope University, and is planning on taking a MA History degree.
Part of the BA Management course provides insight to the local city region, which is where Katie started to develop an interest in the Liverpool Social Economy and the idea of sustainable communities within Liverpool. She started to work with FPP to produce university work surrounding social enterprises, and never left! Businesses and communities that work towards sustainability, the ‘greater good’, and have a resonating message of hope and purpose are what Katie has explored throughout her education, and is truly inspired to be working with FPP to put into practice what she has learned in university.
Katie is particularly passionate about sustainability, local community goals, and mental health help. She believes in the power of the community, and is fascinated by the idea of implementing sustainable community help, particularly around mental health issues.
Personal development is incredibly important to Katie, and she regularly engages with different skills classes and development programmes to help her learn new hobbies and develop different interests. Some of these include learning British Sign Language, taking an Environmental Management course, and participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award.