Michelle Mainwaring

Michelle has more than 12 years’ experience working as a registered mental health nurse. In the early years of her career Michelle worked in acute inpatient units and psychiatric intensive care units (PICUs), equipping her with clinical leadership skills and experience working with the most vulnerable of society.  

After working in PICU settings Michelle moved into a role coordinating care within community mental health teams. This position involved managing a large case load of service users in community settings. Working in this environment required autonomy, decision making and conducting of specialist risk assessments to determine the level of support users needed.

Michelle also has experience designing and delivering psychological therapy for service users with complex personality difficulties. She is trained in a number of specialist psychological therapies allowing her to offer a range of treatment options to service users with the most complex of personality difficulties. This ensures that the best possible support is given to these people. The list of therapies Michelle is able to offer includes Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mentalization Based Treatment and Structured Clinical Management.

Michelle’s roles within mental health have been varied and wide ranging but there is one common theme that links them all and that is her passion to empower people and give them hope.

Michelle has experienced mental health issues first-hand and her lived experience complements her professional skills and training, giving her additional perspectives on the context that individuals can face.

In addition to her vast clinical experience Michelle has collaborated with wellbeing professionals to provide coaching to women who feel disempowered by their current circumstances, their personal experiences, or trauma. This includes anxiety management, stress management, confidence building, action taking and finding purpose workshops. Michelle is also trained in the delivery of NLP, positive psychology, emotional regulation, and CBT techniques.

Michelle is a compassionate, experienced mental health professional who puts people first, she is a valuable asset to First Person Project.