Jane Riley, DipNursing, BSc(Hons)

After nearly thirty years working in mental health, Jane is now semi retired but has not lost her passion for supporting and encouraging people to overcome obstacles,  achieve their potential and enjoy good mental health.  Hence, her interest in being part of First Person Project.

During her Career Jane, who is a Registered Mental Health Nurse (and proud to be), has worked in a variety of settings and fulfilled many roles. 

A good part of Jane's career was as a community psychiatric nurse, working to support people at home and out of hospital.  Here, as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Jane developed and interest in working with women with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and made this her specialism.  From here she worked as a Service Manager of  PD service in the independent sector.

Jane has worked for  a Registered Charity as their Mental Health Clincal Risk Manager and prior to semi retirement, was the Director of Quality and Compliance for a group of care homes across England.

Jane also holds a qualification in CBT and is a firm believer in enabling people to develop skills with which to manage themselves and achieve their full potential.

Jane is a valuable asset to First Person Project and said that she is both proud and privileged to be a part of this exciting venture.