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Healthy Neighbours Project: Who We Are

Building on the success of a very successful 12 month pilot, the Healthy Neighbours project is a new 2 year programme which aims to work alongside and communicate with people to make positive changes within their neighbourhood; this could include health, well-being, culture, and local history. Starting from the community we reach out to recruit volunteers who become ‘healthy neighbours’ and we work with these volunteers to promote the key strengths and opportunities in the areas which are important to them. First Person Project are partnering with the Torus Foundation to engage with the Liverpool community with key interests in Clubmoor, Norris Green, and Toxteth and Granby to come together and improve health and well-being within the Liverpool City Region. We believe that when communities are heard and seen and their passions are shared then communities can become healthier, more cohesive, and resilient. We want to work with communities to explore these passions and create opportunities for a healthier and happier neighbourhood.

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Engagement Activities led by and with the local community

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Want to become a volunteer for the 'Healthy Neighbours'?
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Quote from Volunteer


“Community to me is support, working together towards ideas which would be beneficial for everyone living in certain area, solving local issues together, basically I would say that community means TEAM (together everyone achieves more)”

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